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SMSBL Hall of Famer Mike Borba
Mike Borba
2018 Inductee
Mike Borba grew up in Chino, CA. He started playing baseball in the farm /little leagues. He lived close to the little league fields where he and his brother would go play in pickup games everyday. They would play anything from full games to home run derby to just practicing pickles depending on how many guys showed up. He played two years of high school baseball. After graduating high school he played and managed a semi pro team before moving to Auburn in 1982. In 1989, while Mike was coaching little league, Rod Tompkins asked him if he would like to try out for his newly developing men's senior baseball team, the Auburn Braves. Since then, Mike has played every year for the Auburn Braves, except, in 1993 when the Braves moved from a 30+ to a 40+ division and the league at that time did not allow waivers. Mike played one year with the 30+ Dodgers before returning back to Auburn Braves. He has earned 6 championship rings and played in 6 finalist games. The championship games have been with the Sacramento Majic, Auburn Braves and the Sacramento Tribe. In addition, Mike played with the Sacramento Tribe and earned 6 championships with them in Las Vegas and San Diego. Mike is proud to say that he has played in every World Series except for the first one which, had he known the league existed he would have played in that one as well. He went from being one of the youngest players on the team to now the oldest. Admittedly, the SMSBL changed his life. It became a way of life and he has made many friends with the guys in this league in the 30 years of playing.The founding Sacramento SMSBL certainly helped make the MSBL great. Every team here plays so competitively, yet, we are always family, especially when we go to tournaments. Mike is honored to be inducted into the Sacramento Hall of Fame. He would like to take a quick moment to thank the Hall of Fame board,  his team mates who  recommended him, his family and especially his wife who is continually encouraging him to play and stay active in baseball.