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SMSBL Hall of Famer Jerry Marquardsen
Jerry Marquardsen
2019 Inductee
    Jerry grew up in Sacramento and played youth baseball at Pacific Little League and later Land Park Pony/Colt leagues. He played year round and just couldn’t get enough of the game he loved! As much as he loved to play he also enjoyed the coaching and the teaching aspect of the great game! From his early 20 to 40’s he took a break from playing and started coaching. He coached in Land Park Colt league in the 70’s with his father John. As his kids started to grow he coached Elk Grove bambino and Babe Ruth leagues. He has coached in many of his five daughters softball and soccer leagues as well. He spent 3 years at Sheldon High in the school’s inaugural years with the freshman team. Jerry missed playing himself and decided to join the A’s in the spring of 1994. It was the early beginnings of what is the winter spring league we have now. The league president at the time was Jim Barr and Ray Johnson organized the playing fields. When the season ended the manager Mike Revell asked Jerry to take the team for a year and the rest was history. Twenty three years later Jerry still has his A’s team in the 18+ division. Two years ago Jerry decided to play with kids his own age while still maintaining his younger team. In the early 2000’s he was playing on the A’s, and was coaching at Sheldon and coaching East Sac Babe Ruth! Jerry coached 7 years in the East Sac Babe Ruth league with his son JR . Jerry has been blessed to play most of his career with JR ( almost 20 years now) and his brother Jim on and off for the last 22 years. He’s played in 2 Arizona father son tournaments with fellow hall of famer Jeff Gardenhire. He once had his son, his brother and his nephew and himself play on the same team which was one of the many highlights he cherishes. His over 20+ years of continuous managing and organizing teams continue and may in fact be a SMSBL record.