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SMSBL Hall of Famer Gordy Olson
Gordy Olson
2020 Inductee
    Like most of us, Gordy’s path to Major League Baseball started out with Little League, Pony League, and American Legion ball but ended well short of “The Bigs”. Gordy captained and played shortstop for his high school team at Rutgers Prep in New Jersey. After college, he played both fast and slow pitch softball on a variety of recreational and Congressional teams and coached the newly formed baseball team at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, DC. Gordy was a member of the U.S. Foreign Service for over 25 years and played softball on U.S. Embassy teams in Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Zambia, and
Namibia. When baseball rejoined the Olympics, his teammates in Namibia decided to switch from fast pitch softball to baseball to get ready for TheGames. Their Olympic dreams were destined to follow the same trajectory as Gordy’s Major League ones, but it did get baseball back into Gordy’s life. When he returned to DC, Gordy discovered the MSBL and played for
six years,representing DC in the MSBL World Series as a member of the Washington BureauCATS (a name that Steve Sigler misspelled as “BureauCRATS” every year!). The ‘Cats never had any real success in Phoenix (making his subsequent success with the SMSBL that much more rewarding). After retiring from the diplomatic corps, Gordy and his wife Cindy relocated to Sacramento. Coincidentally, Cindy’s supervisor at UC Davis was Susan Hill, Jim Hill’s wife. Through that connection, Gordy joined the SMSBL as a member of the Patriots. He went on to play for the Solons, the NorCal Giants, the Silverbacks, the Red Sox, and the Sacramento Tribe in league play and in a number of World Series. Gordy has been part of four World Series championship teams representing Sacramento. Gordy has also served as the SMSBL Treasurer for the past several years.
   The various league and World Series titles were bonuses, but the real joy for Gordy has always been -- and will always be -- sharing the game he loves with his teammates.