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SMSBL Hall of Famer Eric Guimont
Eric Guimont
2022 Inductee
   Eric was born in Van Nuys, California in 1965. He played Culver City Little League and was fortunate to make the All-Star team in '77 and '78. After moving to Elk Grove in middle school, he played Elk Grove Babe Ruth. Then, lettered in soccer and baseball at Elk Grove High School. He began working after graduating and playing typical slow pitch. He even dabbled in some fast pitch softball where he played with friends from his high school. In 2005 Eric got back into baseball after an invitation from Rick Crump to play on Jeff Turner's Cubs. This is when his SMSBL experience began. After being on the Cubs for five years, he put together an EG team with Rick Crump, Darin Boyd and John Daly. After a couple of years with the EG team, the players from the old Cubs team got back together, forming the Rockets, headed by Allan Van Ness, where good success was had as the team won some championships throughout Eric's years there. Following the Rockets, Eric played on various teams  including the Cardinals with Derek Bullock, and the Sunday Dragons led by Larry Whitmer. Later, Eric joined his three current teams the Free Agents, the Bombers, and the Dirtbags. Eric's SMSBL career also included tourna ment teams, World Series trips, and Father-Son. Among the tournament teams, Eric played for the Rockets, the Braves and the Father-Son Capitals and is currently on the Cannons. One of Eric's favorite memories was when  he was invited to Florida with the Royals, managed by Jim Tygrett, where they took second. Eric was honored to be awarded team MVP. Throughout Eric's time dedicated to sports, his wife Charity managed to stay married to him while they raised four kids, Ben, Tim, Joe and Sera. He was able to integrate his love for sports into spending time with family by coaching his kids when they were young on various sport teams. As they grow older, however, his love for baseball lives on.