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Come watch the first annual Righties vs. Lefties Baseball Game at Raley Field – an all right-hander team playing an all left-hander team which has never been seen before.

Only 10% of the world population is left handed but 25% of Major League Baseball players are left-handed. 

You may have witnessed little league lefties who played catcher and short-stop just as well as a right-handed player.  When lefties leave little league and move to high school, college and major leagues, they are told they can only play pitcher, first base and outfield.  Baseball is the only sport that restricts lefties to certain positions.
Our son played pitcher and catcher as a lefty in little league and his team won the District championships!  He loved playing pitcher and catcher but when he went to high school baseball, he was told he wouldn't be allowed to play catcher or infield positions besides pitcher and first base.There was only one left-handed Major League Baseball catcher, Benny Distefano [1].

This game is an opportunity for left-handed players to defend the traditionally right-handed field positions that they normally wouldn't get to. 
Players are college baseball graduates and top ex-professional players from the Sacramento Mens’ Senior Baseball League.  Proceeds benefit baseball fields and programs by: Sacramento Mens’ Senior Baseball League   

Game Summary @ Raley Field on Saturday, September 9th, 2017.  Gates open 11:00 am.  First pitch 12:05 pm.

1. All right-handed players team versus all left-handed players team
2. Lefties play the traditionally right-handed positions (catcher, short-stop, 2nd and 3rd    base).
3. All the same rules.
4. Adds more fun for everyone

** Two Games for one Ticket (no extra fees) ** 

#1) July 28th:  River Cats Friday night game against Texas Round Rock Express. Free SF Giants Buster Posey blanket giveaway and fireworks show.  (Ticket is also good for any Sun-Thurs season game.)

#2) September 9th:  Righties vs. Lefties Game (free parking)

Buy Tickets here: Follow step by step instructions below:

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Enter promo code:  CRVLB, choose your seats, Add to Cart, create an account, select “Delivery Method Fast Ticket” which emails tickets to you, enter payment info and click Finish.   Print your tickets.

** Save your July 28th group game ticket which is your admission to Sept 9th game.**

Contact Rebecca Nesbitt, Game Coordinator at Contact@CRVLB.COM or
916-601-1046 to purchase tickets and for more information.

References:    Schwarz, Alan. "Left-Handed and Left Out," The New York Times, Sunday, August 16, 2009.                             

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