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Some Basic Information:

Open Division (aka18+) – Open age. Players under 18 require parent or guardian's signed permission.
35+ Division – Players in this division must at least turn 35 during 2024.
50+ Division – Players in this division must at least turn 50 during 2024.
60+ Division – Players in this division must at least turn 60 during 2024.
68+ Division – Players in this division must at least turn 68 during 2024.
National – Typically consists of better, more competitive teams in the Division.
American – Typically consists of good, consistant teams in the Division.
Central - Typically consists of all remaining teams, if necessary.

We have numerous players signed up in our player pool.
Please contact us if you are and committed to starting a new team.
Please email us if you are drafted or want to be removed from our player pool.

Fees (PayPal): $265 ($275 paypal) per player.
Jan  25th Team signup, Manager's Meeting, and Team deposit  (7 players paid in full).
Feb 8th  Final player fees due.
Feb 15th Opening day will start this week - subject to weather conditions.
Spring Season consists of twelve (12) 7-inning games played weeknights only (Monday thru Friday). The twelve game season does not include playoffs and championships. Divisions are subject to change, but we anticipate: Open American, Open National, 35+American, 35+National, and 50+ Division.

Fees (PayPal): $395 ($405 paypal) per player.
Feb 22nd  Team signup.  Manager's Meeting and Team deposit (7 players paid in full).
Mar 14th  Final player fees due.
Mar 24th  Opening day – subject to weather conditions.
Sunday Season consists of eightee (18) 9-inning games played on Sundays only. The eighteen games do not include playoffs and championship games. Divisions are subject to change, but we anticipate: Open-American, Open-National, 35+American,  35+National, and 50+ Division.

Fees (PayPal): $360 ($370 paypal) per player.
Season starts after July 4th.  Exact start date TBD.
Eighteen (14) 7-inning game season played weeknights only (Monday thru Friday), plus playoffs and championship games. Divisions TBD. More information to follow.

Fees (PayPal): $300 ($310 paypal) per player.
Season starts in early May. Exact start date TBD.
Fifteen (15) 9-inning games played at 10am on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays.  More information to follow.

Fees (PayPal): $240 ($250 paypal) per player.
Season starts in early May. Exact start date TBD.
Twelve (12) 9-inning games played at 10am on Mondays. More information to follow.

What does it take to play?
It takes a team of 14 committed (read: paying) members numbering no fewer than 14 per team. It also takes a dedicated team manager who will maintain the team roster, fees, waivers, and stats. Equipment* is also required to play.
*Equipment = matching uniforms, bats, catcher's gear, and batting helmets for all runners and on deck batters.

Are Metal Bats allowed? 
No, at this time our entire league plays with wood bats. Technically, we allow non-metal bats that are wood or wood-composite. The handle can be metal or metal composite, but the barrel of the bat must be wood or non-metal. The league does not supply you or your team with bats. A word of advice: Wood breaks. Do not borrow or loan a bat or piece of equipment unless you can afford to replace it or accept the loss.

Where are games played?
Army Depot Park is our home, at the old Army Depot, but see our ballparks link for a list of locations played.

How many teams are there?  What exact days and time will I play?
Please refer to our archived stats if you want to understand the number of teams, divisions, or season schedule from years past. We never truly know the teams, divisions, or a schedule until we get a firm (read: financial) commitment from teams/players. 

Can I or my team use the batting cage, pitching mounds, or the fields to practice at any time? 
No. SMSBL Members are only allowed access to SMSBL fields for scheduled games. SMSBL does however allow it's members use of McAuliffe's batting cage or the pitching mounds next to the cage at User’s own risk. Please treat the cage and mound use on a 1st-come, first serve basis by individual. Please do not cut in front of others waiting simply because your teammates arrived first. SMSBL also provides the ballpark complex to outside users for games, tournaments, and other events. Please check with us if you are in doubt.

Can I pay to use the fields? 
Yes, but availability and circumstances are very limited. Check with the Board first (Mark Vendeiro or Alan VanNess).

Who are these kids I see playing on the field during the week or on weekends? 
These young players are either members of East Sacramento Babe Ruth (our partners at McAuliffe) or one of numerous youth leagues we often host or share our fields with, which help differ the maintenance and upkeep of our complex.

What are the other costs?
You will likely incur costs related to your own team: player fees, matching uniforms/hats, bats, helmets, gloves, cleats and other equipment is not provided by SMSBL. Each team is different. Some teams get sponsorships, while others simply purchase these items themselves. However you make it happen, the investment is well worth the experience!!! 

Are there any forms or requirements to play?
YES!  You cannot play without signing a waiver and paying your fees. No exceptions. Your manager will send you an e-waiver or you can print your own.

Am I guaranteed playing time?
The League does not dictate to Teams or Managers how to allocate playing time other than meeting playoff eligibility. It is recommended that new players and teams communicate their own expectations to each other in order to prevent any misunderstandings.

As A Manager what am I responsible for doing?
You are expected to know and understand the playing rules, standing rules, and code of conduct. It is your responsibility to make all manager's meetings, maintain the team's online roster, enter your team's stats, and follow league rules. You are the primary point of contact for your team and are responsible for the actions of your team.

Can I get a refund for a player that stopped showing up or is lost due to injury?
If injured from an accident while playing, please fill out an injury form and submit it to the league. Refunds are addressed at the end of the playing season, and only by a vote of approval from the Board of Directors. Managers and players should never "front" fees to/for other members.

What about this Stats Program, do I need to do it?
Yes!  Not maintaining your roster, stats (batting and pitching), fees, or waivers will result in a forfeit and no playoffs.  The stats program is easy to use and learn.  You will have a team login and password to access the program.  A Board member will be available to assist you getting started and to help you during the season if needed.  Just get it done!!!!

This FAQ section is always being updated.  So please check back frequently.
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